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((I see you’ve acquainted yourself with Simon on this matter as well ^.^ But yes, I’m back and up myself! For similar reasons as him, but it made me sad to hear what happened with him yesterday >.< I’m glad we’re coming back now~ Reel sorry for not coming on, things have been stressful, but I’ll manage~ It’s nice to speak with you though, Soul’s mun! <3))

miraclehornpuppeteer entered the kitchen!

"O-oh, hail there fellow!" She smiles,taking off her oven mits. "May you wait for me, let me get myself cleaned up!"

"I’m Nia Teppelin, who might you be, ma’am?"

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"H-hello there..?" Her eyes widened, confused about her look-alike. "Are.. Are you me?"


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"Ummu. I-I'm Anri Sonohara. I-It's n-n-nice to meet you." //Anri smiles.// " I-I like your eyes..."

She blushes a bit, hands on cheeks, “O-oh, thank you ever so much, Ms. Sonohara~! It is a pleasure to meet you as well!” She smiles, “My! You remind me of my friend a bit, I’m jealous!” She giggles.

"Ummu. Ah. H-hullo."

"Oh, hello there, ma’am! Who might you be?"

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"Is that you, Miss Yoko?"

"Oh my!! You look very sophisticated! Are you a teacher or something of the sort??"

Hey, I'm Asuka LAngelY Soryu, pleeased to meet you - Asuka

"Hail fellow! It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Miss Asuka!" She smiles. "Simon has spokemon to me about you and Sir Shinji, and it’s delightful to have made new friends!!"

Soul smiled at Nia."Nia Teppelin huh? It's a pretty name. I was just coming to see if I could find the famous Simon. Do you happen to know him?"

She clapped her hands together and began to hop happily. “You are too kind, Sir Soul! Ah, Simon you say?!” Her smiles widened further as a small flush of pink showed on her cheeks. “I know him very, very well! I am his, what you call, ‘girlfriend?’ Come, come! We must find him and tell him of this amazing news!” She giggles as she takes the man’s wrist and tugs him towards the direction to the city.